LONGACRE 72665 Computerscales®AccuSet II™ Heavy Capacity 4500 lb
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Heavy Capacity System with Expanded Range Control Box and Billet CNC Pads
4500 lbs. per pad, 18,000 total - Great for heavier vehicles
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Simple to use - just push a buttons to get everything you need!
- Push one button for all 4 wheel weights plus Cross Weight
- Push a second button for all partial %

Simple, uncluttered display – No unneeded information

NEW for 2012 – Baseline Memory Recall
Store your baseline setup in Memory. Then recall it instantly to compare to the current setup. Saves time writing it down – always handy. This 1 slot memory is really handy and is super easy to use.

  • Expanded range AccuSet II™ Control Box - 18,000 lbs
  • Heavy Duty Yellow 20' cables with Billet AN connectors - longer cables available if requested - no extra charge
  • Face is slanted for easier viewing
  • 4 Dual Load Cell Billet CNC Pads - 15" x 15" x 4"
  • Max capacity of 4500 lbs per pad
  • Includes heavy duty carrying case for electronics and cables
  • 2-year limited warranty

DUAL Load Cell CNC Machined Pads
Dual cells give you a much more rigid platform than any single cell pads can. The lower deflection significantly improves accuracy and consistency, particularly for critical cross weight. Max pad capacity of 4500 lbs per pad. (Set of 4 included)

METRIC OPTION:The AccuSet II control box is user switchable to metric readings. Please use the comments section of the order form if you require metric and we'll make sure it gets switched for you.



Control Box
  Model: AccuSet II™ Expanded Range (18,000 lbs)
  Memory: 1 slot
  Batteries: 6 AA
  Cables: Yellow
  Case: Silver carrying case
  Size: 15" x 15" x 4"
  Capacity: 4500 lb per pad
  Material: Billet aluminum
  Finish: CNC Machined
  Load cells per pad: 2



  AccuSet II Karting DXI Karting Wireless AccuSet Karting Wireless DXI Karting AccuSet II 1100 Wireless AccuSet 1100 Wireless DXI 1100 AccuSet II 4500 AccuSet II 3500 AccuSet II 2500 AccuSet II DXI Semi-Pro Wireless AccuSet DXI Wireless DXI DXI Dual Load Cell Wireless DXI Dual Load Cell
  • Item #: 72665

LONGACRE 72665 Computerscales®AccuSet II™ Heavy Capacity 4500 lb

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