JOES RACING Caster Camber Ga. W/GM Adapter - 28220
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Make sure your front-end is set accurately with a JOES Caster Camber Gauge with a GM adapter to thread on to your spindle. JOES includes a billet gauge with durable laser etched numbers that last a lifetime. Competing versions are made from die cast aluminum and have stickers that are easily come of or can be damaged by chemicals. JOES quality and in house manufactuiring create a superior package saving you $30.00 while giving you a visibly superior product. Our case comes complete with a handle for easy transport and storage. Please compare - and you will quickly see you get more with JOES! NOTE: Shown with Magnetic Adapter - Supplied with GM Thread on adapter
  • Item #: 28220

JOES RACING Caster Camber Ga. W/GM Adapter - 28220

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